Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visits to the Zoo & the Pool

Thought I went into hibernation again, didn't you?  Sorry about that!  Just been busy getting ready for Tanzgiving and a visit by Santa Claus my dad so my mind has been elsewhere!  Did you wonder if after I made a promise to relay the great things about Arusha that all of a sudden I was starved for content?  Negative, my friends!

Imagine, five years from now Millie participates in Show and Tell at her school in America and she's like "In Tanzania, sometimes we went to the zoo!"

Then she says "But if the zoo was too crowded, we went to the pool instead."

Truth be told, the "zoo" picture was from our very first game drive when Millie was 4 months old.  We did visit the same national park two weeks ago but our pictures managed to not make it back home somehow.  It's been really neat watching Millie's interest in wildlife grow from non-existent (see picture above) to engaging the animals with a 'bye bye' and requests to go back and visit them.

The above "pool" in question is actually Maji Moto which we visited a couple months ago with our buddies.  And truth be told, we have real chlorine pools within a five min drive from our house.  But still!  Isn't this cool?!  Oh yeah, it's November and we're swimming!

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