Thursday, November 25, 2010

Does KFC Deliver to Tanzania?

A very Happy Thanksgiving our turkey brethren!  Anyone in a food coma yet?  As of the writing of this post, we haven't had any coma's 'round here, but that could all change come 5 o'clock today (9am EST) when we go to a friend of a friends house for some delicious grub.  Luckily for our host, the dinner is being catered otherwise she might very well loose her mind with all the freaking power cuts we're having these days!

We are planning our own little Tanzgiving on Sunday once my dad and his friend Lynn arrive in Arusha.  Two days ago Roger and I watched Julie & Julia and I got inspired to clog my arteries make Julia Child's roast chicken for Tanzgiving, so I planned a menu accordingly.  It involved Moroccan Carrots, mashed potatoes, broccoli with bacon, FRESH cranberry sauce, rolls and apple crisp.  Unfortunately, Arusha had another menu in mind.

It all began Weds actually when I went the butcher shop, Meat King, that advertised fresh cranberry sauce imported from who knows where (kind of cancels out the "fresh" part, I realize) and they confessed that someone forgot to put the cranberry sauce on the boat.  That was followed up by two nights in a row of 12 hr power cuts.  Then once power was restored, as well as my thankful and sane heart, the Tanzanian National Electric Company decided to toy with my emotions by sporadically turning the power on and off for five hours.  It is a sheer miracle of the heavens that I managed to get a Spiced Applesauce Cake made for our party tonight.

The outcome of all this (including a delicious looking apple cake that was aided by turning off all power sockets in the house except for the oven so the generator could git 'er done) was shoving our 2 kilo bird into the freezer and putting Khan's Chicken on my speed dial because, my friends, we are getting take out!

I realize I have a slight flair for the dramatic [mother and Roger stifle a laugh], but that's why you visit It's Kili Time, right?  I just hope you also know that all dramatizations recounted here are all made possible by the many wonderful things in my life for which I am DEEPLY appreciative, in particular my health, family, well being, red patent leather flats and the opportunity to connect with you via this platform.

When expressing your thanks today, do so while running all high voltage appliances, just because you can.  A very Happy Electrifying Thanksgiving to all!


  1. GREAT post!! Happy Tanzgiving! I just turned on as many appliances that I have in your honor!

  2. How funny...I have 3 things running just for you....Have a great DAY....whatever food you eat...
    love you

  3. All that inspiration gone to waste! ARGH! Happy Tanzgiving--hope your takeout was enjoyable!