Greetings and thanks for visiting It's Kili Time.  The title of the blog refers to the marketing slogan of one of the local beers here in Arusha, Tanzania, where I live with my husband and daughter.  I thought it an appropriate title because it reflects the objective of the blog - a narration of our time in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, what makes this place unique and the thrills and challenges of our life here. Every day is Kili Time here.
Two years ago, under the fog of new parenthood and sleeplessness, the two adults in the family thought it a good idea to go after our dream life and move ourselves and 3 month old daughter to Africa.  It turns out, our heads weren't so foggy after all and we've never regretted the decision (minus all the times the entire city seems to be out of the one kind of decent, affordable diapers).  What we thought was a distant dream professionally and personally (work for the UN for hubby, stay home for me, pay off credit cards, have a daily housekeeper and experiment in the kitchen), quickly became a reality, much to our deep deep gratitude.

While we seem to have the hang of life here at the moment (at least that is the excuse I am stickin' to), it was well time to start focusing on sharing and recording our life here with a little creative exercise for Mama. It will mostly be me writing since I am not the one busy chasing down war criminals (that's Husband's j-o-b!), but from time to time you might see something here about Roger's work with the UN.

My pre-blogging life had me born in Washington DC, attending a Quaker college, compelled me into national service with the Peace Corps, getting a Master's degree and pecking away at a computer in an office for about 10 years.  Along the way I fell for my husband on the dance floor of a tiny bar, learned enough Spanish to live in rural Honduras, traveled to many sides of the globe, ate some fantastic food, found fabulous friends and gave birth to a very sweet little girl named Amelia.  Now I'm here in Tanzania, mere miles away from The Big Five and running my own little specialty foods business.  

19 July Update: We now live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Blog to be updated soon to reflect new surroundings.

Thanks for visiting, Rebecca