Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls Day Out

Over the weekend, Roger and our friend Tim cashed in on their Father's Day present which was a weekend of camping and hiking in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  Tim is 1/3 of the family of Kiyah, Tim & Eleanor our very good friends here from North Carolina.  Tim is doing his dissertation research nearby with the Massai and in conservation areas (Kiyah is actually already Dr. Kiyah!) and Eleanor is a mere 3 days younger than Millie.  So we girls are a tight bunch!   We grabbed our bathing suits and some Roasted Pumpkin Salad and headed out to Maji Moto (hot spring), about 30 miles from Arusha.

I had been there before, but only as a passenger, so it was a miracle that we were able to find it as we traveled the last 10 miles on a dirt track with only dust and dried corn stalks to guide our way (we didn't even have a GPS, take that you outdoorsy boys!).  But what a sight it is to see

when the past 30 min have been nothing but bleak dusty plains

There was another family there when we arrived, but they left soon after and we had the whole shaddy oasis to ourselves.  It was grand!

Mama, time to go swimming!

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