Thursday, September 16, 2010

Milestone - a ponytail!

What an exciting morning, we pulled Millie's hair into a messy pony tail!  Time for Roger to start taking Braiding 101!

Ay yay yay!  Looks like a little girl, not a baby!
Millie is talking up a storm.  It's a combination of English and Swahili words.  Swahili is very easy on the tongue, so instead of trying to pronounce "child" it's much easier to just say "toto" (it's technically, mtoto, but hey, she's only 18 months!).  This picture is Millie saying 'toto, toto, toto...' over and over again having just witnessed herself on the back of the big black thing that's always jammed in her face (the camera, people!).

Yes, only 8am and her shirt is already stained
Alright, now this one just because I am THAT mom

And p.s. did you notice how I wrote captions and uploaded more than one picture in this post??  Impressive, don't you think?  Turns out I was using an old version of the blog editor.... learned that from my class!

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