Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I alluded last week to a new business for myself but didn't really fill you in on any details. Many of you probably know this already, but a few months ago I started myself a little business in Arusha selling hummus and other dips. There is a significant expat population here with many boutique-y products geared towards them like salsa, tortilla chips, tomato sauce, jams and yogurt that don't really appeal to the maintstream Tanzanian cuisine or food pallet (ok, and yes, the TZ pocketbook!). Surprisingly, hummus was not on the shelves (or at least I never saw it) until the day I decided in my head to go for it. I kid you not, I made up my mind in the car outside the meat shop (where many of these types of specialty products are sold) to make and sell hummus and what should I see upon the shelves but tubs and tubs of hummus!
The goods ready for market

After copious amounts of Amarula soothed my devastation, I was not deterred. One of the little perks of Roger's job is the access I get to his co-workers who, duh, work all day and don't have time to prepare little treats like hummus and balsamic feta dip. The ICTR staff became (and remain) some of my best customers. I also sell at the meat shop, at the equivalent of a U.S. organic farmer's market and just about any other shop the expats flock to. Business has been good to me but Roger will be keepin' his j-o-b until I can sell about 1 billion more tubs. I named my venture Sophia's Specialty Foods. By special order, I also make Mexican Brownies and crostini. Recipes may or may not be shared here, will have to consult my lawyer on that ;).  But via email they can probably make their way to you!  
Herby Feta Dip, a customer favorite

But that is not the only source of income I am bringing in, can you believe it?  My dad has brought me in to the family biz. Many of you know, my dad runs the highly successful Washington Photo Safari and he wants to keep up with the kids by immersing the biz in the social media world. I will be handling things like Facebook, Twitter and eventually a blog. He even gave me a fancy title - Director! Take that, older siblings! Nevertheless, I am a complete Luddite when it comes to this stuff (don't tell the boss!). So tips welcome and "Like" the Washington Photo Safari on Facebook! Paid to surf the net, I can barely believe it.
A party I catered for in June

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