Monday, September 13, 2010

How come my blog gets a makeover before I do?

Since I don't think Stacy and Clinton will make their way over to Arusha to give me a makeover, I might as well give one to someone else, my blog. Last week I began an online course through Gotham Writers Workshop called How to Blog. My first assignment is to conceive and start a blog. Rather than starting from scratch I thought I would resuscitate the one I already had.

Back in the day when Millie's head circumference was still in the 50th percentile, our little family headed off on the big blue plane for the wild bush of Africa wondering how this could be our life. Did we seriously just have an awesome pregnancy, a bout of unemployment, a swift delivery, a gorgeous daughter and the offer of a dream job in the span of like 5 months? Felt like we were starting something too special not to share, hence the idea of a blog. Alas, unreliable internet, motherhood, no Target and friends with excellent television series on DVD added up to a whole lot of blog abandonment.

Originally, I hoped the blog would be what my letters were while in Honduras for Peace Corps - insightful about our experience served up with a dash of wit, irony and America-the-Beautiful. Although life here became... life, there are still stories to tell. So I am coming back at ya via my homework assignment. My thought is this.... where oh where did that first year go?? Do I really have a lock of Millie's hair from her first haircut in an envelope that's shoved in a book I haven't picked up for 5 months? Indeed I do!

I plan to pick up the pace with the blog and use it as a digital memory keeper of stories and photos, and if I can manage an A+ in my class (and our internet provider cooperates), you might even see some video. It will be mostly of our family and the other special people that make up our lives. I will give special priority to the quotidian but you'll also see news of trips, milestones and special occasions. It will be an exercise that compels me to write more and not fear the SLR camera (and assuage my mom guilt for never starting a baby book). Heck, it'll be just as I originally intended it to be!

So, stay tuned! Posting to pick up and maybe even some neat-o special features too!

And p.s. Although this is the family blog, I am the one writing it, thus I get to post the things I like. I will start maintaining a blogroll of the blogs I like to visit and probably reposting things I liked and read about. Warning, could become very mom-centric and also cause hunger pangs.

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