Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Tribute to Nana

(who came to Tanzania and “roughed it” with her daughter’s family, much like the journey she made 45 years ago to Colombia)

Off you go in the big blue jets

Back to the land of the clean toi-lets!

Here in Arusha, I will stay

With Kili, Meru and the Serenget-ay

To be sure, Mama & Daddy you helped so much

With cooking, dishes, backseat driving and such

But let’s not forget the good times we had

And how you came to Africa, which you have to admit wasn’t so bad!

You kept me company on the bumpy roads we did travel

To market, on safari, the cafes – it was always a battle!

Many an hour you spent reading books and playing solitaire -

On computer or by hand - you didn’t care.

And we can’t forget the gigantic avocados on which we did feast

But, oy vey, you’ll have to avoid them for the next few weeks!

I’m onto you Nana, that hearing thing is just a ruse

So Mama & Daddy would let you snooze

Through all my crying, grunting & passing gas

You would only hear me when I smile or laugh.

In only 6 weeks, many a person you did endear

And meeting so many nice families you learned there was nothing to fear

About life in Arusha and how we’ll cope

You can rest assure that we’ll stay afloat.

So, Shikamoo Nana and Asante sana

Come back to Arusha, dontcha wanna?