Sunday, August 16, 2009

Car of the Month Club

Here is Arusha, we like to keep it fresh, so we have embraced a car-of-the-month approach to living. In July we enjoyed the comforts of the Mark II, but it wasn’t appropriate for the terrain here and we had to find something higher off the ground. So in August we’re stylin’ and profilin’ in a Land Rover! Although it’s more car than we need, quite frankly, but can you say V8?? It gets us over the bumpy roads in comfort and around town in style, but it could use a good tune up (or whatever the maintenance is called to improve pick-up). Just as we pull around a slow truck climbing the hill from our house, the engine makes a mockery of us by not accelerating and causing us to fall back to avoid the oncoming cars. Nevertheless, the owner just told us he wants to sell it next month so we’re on the search for another car! Any guesses as to what we’ll be driving next month?

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