Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tidbits - How we pass the time

Contrary to the subjects of the previous posts, our life here isn't just about cars & Millie. There is so much more!

Community Church – since the Church of Holy Bicycles does not have a branch in town (nor is there an IHOP), we have had to seek alternative outlets for our Sunday morning idolatry. Thanks to our good friends Katie and Oliver, we have been introduced and welcomed to Arusha Community Church. It's a diverse “international, interdenominational and intergenerational” congregation which has helped us to meet locals and mzungus not connected to the UN, and in particular some families. And then after church, we go enjoy Sunday lunch at one of the many safari lodges just outside town (or at our favorite in-town restaurant The Bay Leaf!).

Mom’s Groups – the six degrees of separation principle is nowhere more true than in Arusha. One connection has led to a multitude of others and Becky is involved in three mom’s groups in town. The word “involved” is used lightly here, as she’s only been to each one once. They’re diverse groups, although all mzungu women, they all come from different parts of the globe and represent various mzungu sectors (UN, safari industry, NGO’s, missionaries, private industry, etc). All the women are working mom’s, it’s just some of the mom’s aren’t compensated with money the way others are (wink, wink). These groups will surely be an invaluable parenting and social resource for both of us.

Swahili Classes - keeping me busy through most of July were twice weekly Swahili classes with my friend Katie. After approximately 12 hours of private instruction, Becky has a rough handle on the language with her vocab revolving mostly around words and phrases related to childcare. She gets a lot of practice with Christina, the housekeeper/nanny, and Humphrey, the day guard, who are both very patient with my rudimentary skills. What's funny is my ability to speak and make sentences is strong, yet my ability to understand what is being said to me is very poor. This is where closed captioning would come in quite handy! And speaking of language skills, we are even having to learn a few new words in English since the English spoken here comes from the UK - here's to rubbish, lorries, nappies and the loo!

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  1. And here's to getting knocked up too early in the morning!