Monday, September 7, 2009

For the Grandparents - It's Millie Time

Yesterday we celebrated the six month birthday of Miss Amelia Grace. Millie actually decided to start celebrating four days earlier by hosting a party in her crib for four nights straight at 12am, 2am and 5am. She had a good time, but Mama and Daddy did not. But I guess all that partying tired her out so now she’s back to her regular boring sleep-filled nights. Last week, Millie got her 6 month check up and the diagnosis is Sweetie Pie! She weighs nearly a whopping 17 lbs and measures just over 26 inches. Month six has been a very eventful one – Millie is rolling from back to front and front to back, she is sitting on her own, talking/laughing up a storm and indulging in such haute cuisine as rice cereal and mashed bananas. In just the last week she has begun to really explore the world around her. She can no longer be entertained by mere toys. If it’s your food, your coffee, your cell phone and/or your anything it’s fascinating to her. I suppose such inquisitiveness is just a harbinger of genius and early admission to Oxford! In addition to breast milk, she is eating three whole tablespoons of solid food each day. We don’t get the post-meal smile she usually gives after nursing so maybe the love-of-food gene that her parents have skips a generation? In addition to her developmental milestones, Millie has taken her first trip to the foothills of Kilimanjaro and her second trip to the African bush. Check out the links to our pictures on the right. This coming month Millie will don her first swimsuit, feel (and likely eat) sand and dip her toes into the Indian Ocean as we celebrate (i.e. take advantage of the long weekend given by the UN) the end of Ramadan.


  1. Thanks for the lively descriptions of li'l Miss Millie's six months adventure. Can wait to experience them w/her first hand.

  2. thank u for updating us on life in Tanzania..When will u go to Indian Ocean? How long to get there? Pics Pics Pics please.. I must see my little scrumptious niece in the H2O