Thursday, August 6, 2009

For the Grandparents - It's Millie Time

Tomorrow we celebrate the five month birthday of Miss Amelia Grace. The hair is getting longer (read: rat tail just beneath the bald spot), the cheeks chubbier and the smiles sweeter. In the past month, Amelia has discovered that her toes are a close substitute for the binky and how to roll from back to front. She isn’t quite able to make it back onto her back as she can’t figure out how to get her arm out of the way. But her new crib is providing good leverage for her to twist and turn all night long (fun for mommy and daddy!). Amelia is getting stronger and can almost sit on her own… she usually topples over after a few seconds, but you can tell she is thinking about balance and is trying to nail it down. Amelia also gasps, smiles and giggles a lot. She also nuzzles her face with lots of gusto into your face while griping your neck/ears/hair. We choose to think of it as affection but according to the books (which I choose to selectively believe) it means she’s tired. The big changes for her this month have been the acquisition of a proper crib and spending most mornings with Christina, our housekeeper/nanny. Millie has taken very well to Christina and I think the feeling is mutual! Next month, look forward to our first go round with solids!

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