Monday, August 3, 2009

Life without TV

One might think that a lack of television would compel oneself to read more, learn a new skill, write more on the blog and so forth. However, in this household, that is not the case. Rather, we are exploring some of the simpler pleasures of life… computer solitaire! It all began one dark, electricity-less light when Melba was trying to keep herself up. She pulled out the deck of cards and started playing solitaire. After Roger and I hovered over her shoulder and essentially backseat drove all her games (side note: I only learned how to backseat drive from Roger and my mom who have both expertly honed their skill while being driven around by me), it was time to take the game to the next level… to the computer. Creating a shortcut to solitaire on the computer desktop was a slippery slope which has led to many late nights and some healthy familial competition. If I can figure it out, I’m going to start to keep a scorecard along the side of the blog so you can start placing bets!

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