Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Artist in the Making

Don't know if I have ever mentioned the play groups we go to in town, but our favorite is at the International School Moshi Arusha Campus.  It's about as far away from our house as you can get without being in a lion's den, but it's one of the most fun and well worth the drive.

[Tangent: To be sure, it's doesn't really fall into the we-took-our-newborn-to-Africa-look-how-bad-ass-we-are category.  It's an international school after all and so it's modeled after schools back in America and Western Europe (take a wild guess what kind of people attend!).  It's an amazing resource to have in town to be able to expose Millie to the developmental toys and activities associated with this type of educational system.  Naturally, she could learn her numbers by counting monkeys, but as an expat you can't help but crave familiarity and this fills that itch.]

One of the great things they have are quality paints and easels that unleash the creativity of little kids and leave their messes at school!  Behold, Millie's first artistic creation:

Her next creation!

Here are some pictures of ISM playgroup from my friends blog.  She is an awesome photographer, friend, mom, doctor of philosophy, cook and all-around partner-in-crime and she's going home.  Boo!

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  1. Awwwww.

    Do you guys know how much we're going to miss you? I mean it, do you? Because in case we haven't said- it's a lot. A LOT.

    And when I think of missing Millie's third and fourth and fiftieth creations....well, I just don't think of it. I can't.