Friday, September 24, 2010

When life gives you 6 lbs of papaya...

Make papaya sorbet!

Over the weekend, one of our guards, Joseph (actually, they're both named Joseph), gifted us a papaya.  He cut it up, removed the seeds and put it on a nice plate.  Roger, who was out of town, loves papaya.  I, regretfully, do not.  We weren't sure how Millie felt about it, but apparently on Sunday she was in a I-love-papaya mood, so she ate about three pieces.  And of course to show my appreciation for the generous gift, I ate a piece too (desperately wishing to myself that Millie would steal my piece and eat it for me).  By Monday evening, Roger & Millie managed to  make their way through the 1 lb papaya.

Millie's enthusiasm on Sunday led Joseph to believe that papaya was her favorite food so on Wednesday he gifted us a 3 kilo papaya!!  Sadly (but fortunately for the fruit flies), the love for papaya had passed and Millie wouldn't muster a single bite, so I made papaya sorbet and papaya sorbet popsicles.  They will make their debut this afternoon once the sun comes out and Millie is awake from her nap.  Let's hope it's a success! Pictures to follow!

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