Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Technical Difficulties & Note

The power cut season is upon us.  Thought we'd fare a little better, at least until the end of Oct when presidential elections are, but no such luck.  We are facing 3 - 8 hours of power cuts on a nearly daily basis (at least since Saturday) which means no internet either.  There are definitely workarounds for this situation but we haven't yet fully set up our Plan B.  So I apologize for the light posting lately.  Fear not, post writing continues, but just in Word until I can get online for a long time and post like crazy.

Additionally, I have changed the link to the photo albums on the right.  Instead of posting every individual photo album, I have made one big link to our entire Picassa web album.  When it's updated, I will let you know.  Sorry for any incomplete albums - uploading pics is very slow here so I chug along as I'm able.

Lastly, I will be eliminating the archives from the side and replacing it with a keyword search.  All posts will contain 'labels' that reflect the topic of the post and the labels will be displayed at right (in a cool cloud format!).

p.s. if you have any suggestions or comments for enhancing the functionality of the blog or if you don't find it user-friendly, please pass along.  Also, would love to have suggestions for topics as well!


  1. Hi Rebecca - I wish you the best with your power cuts. I wonder how you'll find the unplugged time: restricting or liberating. I'll be interested to read more.

  2. Hi Rebecca: I'm in your on-line blogging class ( and wanted to let you know that I'm excited to find a blog where I can learn all about Tanzania. Love learning about a country and culture directly from someone living in the area. Looking forward to following your adventure! Robin

  3. following your blog...always looked at it daily, now I get to see changes and it is fun following..Mahalo for trying to keep us updated even with power issues..
    Love you
    The Big Sis....

  4. Kristen, thanks for commenting and reading, I'm quite flattered! One of my first non-family/close friend commenters!

    Robin, thank you! On my way to check out yours. Thanks for visiting!

    Gells, yo.