Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For the Grandparents - It's Millie Time

Today Millie is ten months old. And the theme from this point forward (for many years?) is on the move. She is no longer content to explore and experience the world from the comfort of a car seat/baby backpack/Mama's arms - she wants to touch and taste for herself. And now she has the skills to do so - crawling, cruising and even walking! Check out a video we posted on the right to see her in action. She also has a voice and hand gestures that she loves to use, particularly waving, which she does at the mere hint of a familiar face. You should see us as we set off for our walks around the neighborhood - it's as if a hometown hero has returned and is parading through the streets and all her fans are waving at her. Except the street is dirt, the car is a vintage Graco stroller and her fans are the security guards from the surrounding houses!

Most notably, she has uttered the two most important and precious syllables known to babykind - ma ma. And as the generous soul that she is, she's even thrown a few 'dada's' out there at choice moments during the day (when Roger returns from work). It seems like such a critical time to be constantly talking to her and pointing things out. In fact, during our daily walks I have initiated a rigorous training regime for turning her into a prizewinning U.S. state and world capital ninja (just like her mama). Instead of a pageant mom I'll be a geography bee mom!

If you asked Millie what the highlight of Month 10 was, I don't know if she'll say the trip to Nairobi, the visit from Santa or the new year celebrated on safari, but she had quite a full month. We seem to have skipped the dry season and the long rains (as opposed to the short rains of Sept - Nov) have arrived. The day alternates between sunny and torrential downpour making it very difficult to plan a day much less leave the house, so we're going to have to start getting creative! But there are plenty of electric sockets, unlocked cabinets and breakable photo equipment around to keep us busy, I imagine. Looking forward to some more teeth, more solo steps, play dates and new foods in month 11.

p.s. sorry for the delay in this post. with the rains have come inconsistent internet service. just coming off a three day internet deprivation, can you imagine?!

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  1. Oooooh, I love her dress! I want one just like it!