Monday, December 7, 2009

For the Grandparents - It's Millie Time

Today Millie is 9 months (and a day) old! She is growing upwards and outwards everyday. Twelve month old pajamas that were too long just one month ago fit her just right now. And she is staying well nourished in order to fuel her extremely active lifestyle. We have mentioned before that we thought she would walk before she could crawl and we're nearly there! Just four days ago Millie took her very first solo steps while chasing after a balloon!! It was so unexpected that I nearly hyperventilated in disbelief. Unfortunately Daddy wasn't their to view it but I do have two other credible witness to corroborate my claim, especially since she hasn't had a repeat performance since. But she is working on it for sure. Another equally exciting milestone is that Millie is getting two teeth in thus facilitating her enjoyment of things like cheerios, turkey and bread.

In the past month Millie has upgraded the way she rolls. She now sports a new stroller (known as a push chair in these parts) and she sits quite regally in a new car seat - very exciting changes! Plus in only a few days, we'll all be rolling in a brand new (but actually, used) car (just waiting for it to arrive on the ship!). Coming up this month Millie (and her parents) will make a visit to Nairobi to get a (likely overwhelming) dose of the big city and restock our supplies. Also Santa will surely make the trek south of the equator to visit us (did you know we actually have a chimney/fireplace at our house?), as long as Millie is a good girl and doesn't pull down the Christmas tree before he gets here.


  1. Such a joy to hear about Millie's new development. Doesn't sound like teething is a problem for her. Enjoy your visit to Nairobi in your new car. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to hearing about Millie's first Christmas.

  2. Oh my goodness, that picture is just adorable! Happy Holidays to you all :)