Thursday, July 23, 2009

Service Update

Fear not! We have not abandoned the blog. The creative muse is on Africa time and been slow to get its act together. But that is about to change. The bags are unpacked, the fridge is well stocked, the Kili's are on ice and Millie continues to gain weight so there are no excuses left. Regular posting should commence imminently.

On a separate but related technical note, uploading pictures from here is very slow, therefore picture posting may be light. The central place for pictures will be our Photo Album which you can link to on the right, top side of this page. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from our first safari to Arusha National Park and Hatari Lodge!


  1. Thank you for posting the pictures. I particularly loved the one of Roger and Millie and Mt. Kilamanjaro. Oh and I might make the one of Millie sitting up in bed the wallpaper of my work computer, it's so adorable. Your trip looked amazing. I hope that everyone's settling in.

  2. Thank U for the status update...I will await your updates...