Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still here, just not there anymore!

You all are used to long drawn-out pauses around here so I will save the excuses.  We left Arusha about 3 weeks ago and have been traipsing across America ever since! We'll be visiting family and friends until June 30th when we embark on a 25 hour journey across the Pacific to our new home in Phnom Penh.  At that point we will have traveled three quarters of the way around the globe from Arusha to America to Phnom Penh!

Since I was in no position to sit down and concentrate on blogging in our last days in Arusha, I took to composing an upcoming series called 'Four Months, Four Continents' as we drove 2000 miles around the American West.  In April, Millie and I took a little trip up to Europe while Roger hunkered down to meet a deadline.  Thus began our journey of hitting four different continents in the course of four months (April - Europe, May - Africa, June - North)America, July - Asia).  So stay tuned for the upcoming series!

Furthermore, you will soon see some changes to the blog as I migrate it to a new home that reflects the changes going on in our life as well as a desire on my part to have a more permanent footing in the blogosphere. 

Photo by Patrick Q, Creative Commons License via Flickr

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  1. Yeah! All your changes sound fabulous! Look forward to getting the updates! Gotham Girl