Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Rich Quick!

Short on cash these days?  Unemployment check just not making ends meet?  Want to take your caffeine jolt in the Starbucks Trenta?  Then consider getting into the generators for East Africa business!  Don’t want to store that entire inventory in your garage?  Just start a generator repair business and you’re likely to make a killing! 

Daily, inconsistent, random and lengthy power cuts are the new vogue in remote places like Tanzania and the expats can’t get enough of the soothing hum of a generator motor or the aromatherapeutic odors of gasoline.  They’re willing to pay anything for a generator and its maintenance so that their overpriced boxed milk doesn’t spoil and their iPhones don’t loose their charge.  Unable to waste the day away online, it’s causing some unnamed expats to develop crazy behaviors like consistent exercise routines, blowing through e-reader libraries and staying on top of current events (Go Egypt!).  It’s even driving some to boutique hotels that have real ice cubes and McDonalds-style fries to abuse its Wi-Fi and download from iTunes like crazy (even in HD!).   If foreign direct investment is still not your cup of tea, just go to Vegas and start betting on when the long rains will commence and when the national power company will be able to close the electricity deficit.  And when you make your first Benjamin, you better cut me in for throwing this insider tip your way!


  1. So true! Love it! (I've even been known to go to the gym just so I can get a (luke)warm shower.

  2. trenta? is that 30 shots of espresso? gotta get me some of that!