Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Worlds

While doing some work for the Washington Photo Safari, I was reviewing pictures sent by my dad for inclusion in a separate blogging project we're about to start.  Having wished many times that I had a coffee table book of Washington and/or Denver to show the staff where we come from, I got the idea to show the pictures to Christina, our nanny.  These are the pictures I showed her.

She was of course blown away by the sight and volume of snow.  She asked whether or not snow comes into the house (because here houses are not constructed to withstand such types of elements) and what happens to the car.  She asked how we find our car when it snows.

The Tidal Basin Cherry Blossom picture, which she viewed first, she found to be very beautiful.  But when the picture was followed up by the Cherry Blossoms in fall, she was in disbelief.  She said "In America, the leaves are red?"

I mention this, not to disparage Christina, but rather to demonstrate the deep experiential and informational divide between us and a local like Christina who has never left Tanzania.  I feel so grateful to have had such diverse experiences and plenty of education to rationally comprehend a phenomenon like snow and autumn.


  1. I don't need to tell you this, but I have had similar experiences here in Arusha myself. What I love most about them is how it reminds me of my good fortune, as you say to experience something as remarkable as the seasons.

    How quickly we forget at home, when the weather starts to turn cold and we have to wear six layers of clothing just to go across the street, that the leaves changing from green to the vibrant mix of colors they do is a truly amazing process- and a beautiful sight to behold.

  2. I've spent time in D.C. but I've been in Alaska so long. . . I've kinda forgotten what fall and spring really look like. My mouth is agape. Gorgeous photos.