Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready for our move to The Hague!

Working on our fitness for the flat roads of Holland

Ta-ta my friends!  Off to see the Van Gogh Museum!
 We are not really moving to The Hague. However, it being the center of international justice and all, it very well might figure into our future one day so it doesn't hurt to be prepared!  Which reminds me of a embarrassingly true story.

As we packed for our move to Arusha, I was a 3 month old mom who barely knew a lick about where we were moving to much less infant illnesses.  Also, I still didn't have my pre-baby bod back, so the clothes packing was not very fun.  I assumed Arusha streets (and motherhood) wouldn't be conducive to all my wedge heeled shoes, so I pretty much left those all at home (sniff, sniff).  But I did bring my Dansko clogs.  And this was my thinking when I packed them in the suitcase: "what if Millie gets sick and we have to fly to Europe for medical care, and its cold there, and we'll probably be in Holland (b/c there are direct flights from Arusha to Amsterdam), so I should have some sensible cold-weather shoes that are versatile in case I'm hoofing it all around Amsterdam, and that make me look sort of local because they're clogs and would also look ok with all the new clothes I'll inevitably be unable to resist buying because living in Africa finally gave me the flat stomach and skinny thighs I've never had."  Yup, that's what I was thinking.

Thankfully, we've never had to evacuate to Europe (or even Nairobi) for medical care so my clogs are just collecting dust in my closet.  Likewise, it's a sad point as well since I still haven't had my European shopping spree nor magically gotten flat abs and skinny thighs.

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