Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monkeying Around

Hi!  Guess what?  Exciting news!  Today I am guest blogging over at From the Monkey Bars, a great blog about the pleasure and pain of parenting.  One of my favorite cooking blogs, The Kitchen Witch, is the lead contributor to their Eat series.  She was looking for guest bloggers and guess who went knockin'.  I will be over there once a week sharing Tanzanian takes on recipes from my kitchen, as long as the lion's don't eat them before I can type them out ;).  Hope you enjoy!


  1. Once a week posts?! That's great; I'll be looking forward to them!

  2. Hi Rebecca, Middle of Halloween, trick-or-treaters and the like here In Los Angeles. Just served the pumpkin/squash soup for dinner and it was terrific. Namaste, Bruce

  3. Congrats! You go girl!