Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Number One!

Or more like "I'm Number One (and one week)!!" Yeah, so a little late on the posting. We have had a flurry out power/internet outages in the past week. It's weird, the electricity is generated through hydroelectric power so when there is little rain, they ration the power. However, when there is too much rain, it destabilizes the system and the power and internet go out anyway. Geez, what is this place, Africa or something?

But who cares about power outages when there is a TODDLER running around! Yes, we have arrived at that magic moment when we can add twelve months of parenting to our CV and show the battle scars to prove it. Millie has been enjoying the freedom that comes with getting around on two feet. And Mama and Daddy have been enjoying their freedom to use the word 'No.' The big 'No's' are for pulling on the lever that dispenses water and for pulling the hair of other children. We are trying to find some bald babies for her to play with.

Millie has started drinking small amounts of cow's milk before her morning nap and despite the Luria history of milk sensitivity, it seems to be going quite well. We'll continue to progress slowly with it. She seems well on her way to developing her father's adoration for peanut butter (using the SIX teeth she now has) and Mama enjoys sneaking bites from Millie's mac n' cheese (since Mama would NEVER make something like that for herself ;)). We have been visiting the pool a lot and playing in the paddle pool at home which Millie absolutely LOVES! It has really improved her temperament during bath time and when we pour water to rinse her hair, she doesn't put up quite the fight as before.

Millie has developed quite the cadre of friends in town ranging in age from 9 months to 3 years old! She has EVEN reached quite the status for a 1 year and is getting invited to play groups for 3 year olds! Unfortunately, Millie has to send her proxy (Mama) to those play groups since she is otherwise occupied with napping. But Millie's self-righteousness doesn't end with just being invited to hang out with the seniors, it also extends well into the realm of global warming because she has started wearing cloth diapers 50% of the time. While she CLAIMS it's because she wants to leave the world a cleaner place then she found it, we think it's because she wants a Land Cruiser for her Sweet 16.

Coming up for Millie this month and beyond is her first time away from Mama. Want to take bets on who it will be harder on - Millie, Mama or Daddy?? I'll give you a hint, it probably won't be Millie. Mama is going to Nairobi for a few days to reminisce about what was like for time to be one's own. Then a couple weeks after, the whole family is finally going to Zanzibar for Easter!! Yeah, white sands! Crystal blue water! Snorkeling! Sand castles! And Dirty David Bathtubs (sorry, long standing Luria family tradition - not even Roger knows about them!).

On the right, check out some new pictures of the last twelve months and her big birthday bash!

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  1. Millie is the best!! Keep up the good work. We really enjoy the witty write-ups of Millie and your African adventure.