Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chugging Along

I guess I spoke too soon. The same day I told you all how we seemed to be skipping the dry season was the same day the rains stopped. The rainy season went out with a bang - thunder, flooding, mud pits, the works! But now the dust seems to have become unsettled from its prior compact and muddy state and is milling about everywhere. And you know the expression "it's Africa hot?" I guess I understand where that comes from now. It is quite toasty on this side of the equator and we're doing what we can to be cool like the Fonz.

We have started fairly regular trips to the pool on Saturdays. Millie seems to really enjoy the water and doesn't have much fear of going straight into the water despite its chilly temps. When not in the pool on the weekends we keep busy with errands, lunches out and sometimes play dates on Sunday afternoon. Millie is developing quite the cadre of friends in town, including a 8 month old boy who just moved in upstairs. The play dates are turning Millie into quite the little Martha Stewart protege. With finesse and grace, she deftly offers pumpkin pancakes to her friends, shares her toys, yanks their hair and puts her finger in their eye all the while never ruffling the hand crocheted doilies. It's quite a sight!

Family life aside, we're all just plugging away at our various endeavors. Roger is dishing up international justice with a side of fries, Millie (on her own) is putting one foot in front of the other and taking on the world and I'm still working on my Nobel prize in home economics. So it's pretty much business as usual. But I am FINALLY uploading some pictures to Picassa so keep checking back for some exclusive coverage on a few fun things we've been doing the past couple months - climbing Mt. Meru, traveling to Nairobi, spending New Years in the African bush and visiting hot springs. Also, did you know that Roger has been training for the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon? The big day is the last weekend in Feb.

p.s. does anyone know how to make a picture embedded in the blog post have a caption? If the picture I posted above had a caption, it would say "Bye bye rain!"

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  1. And when you win that Nobel Prize in Home Economics I will say, "I knew her when it was all just a dream ..." :)