Friday, November 6, 2009

For the Grandparents - It's Millie Time

Today is significant not only because little Millie Vanilli is eight months old, but also because Miss Millie has now officially lived more of her life in Tanzania than in America. She arrived here just shy of her four month birthday, and now nary a Big Mac does she remember! Also, she is no longer the littlest thing on the block. She practically rules the coop among the under 1 set. Every day we see tiny little newborns enjoying al fresco dining with their parents. We can hardly believe Millie was ever any smaller than she currently is.

It's been quite an exciting month. Millie maintained her mantle as youngest safari goer ever by going on the Triple Threat Safari with us and Grandma & Grandpa Phillips. She even "camped" in the wild foothills of Mt. Kili at Ndarwakwai Tented Camp. She also worked quite hard at walking/standing and intense sessions of tummy time. And miracle of miracles, she discovered that the world of solid foods is awesome! We're up to three meals a day! She is particularly fond of the banana, yogurt and oatmeal combination. If she is feeling daring, she'll even mix some mushed green peas in there (is it bad that you feed your child something not even you would eat??)! Millie is discovering her voice and is becoming quite proficient in the Language of the Grunt. Mama and Daddy are scrambling to learn it themselves, and so far we understand that a grunt means 'I'm happy', 'I'm tired', 'I'm frustrated' and 'I'm pooping.' Here's hoping we become fluent soon!

Next up for Millie and her mop of hair is her first holiday season, hopefully some swimming (the pools STILL aren't warm enough!) and graduation to a new car seat and stroller!


  1. Darling picture! Enjoyed the update. Spending time with Millie was the highlight of our visit.
    GM & GP Phillips

  2. I'm not a grandparent but I must say that is one adorable little girl :)