Thursday, September 17, 2009

If I Twittered (tweeted?), this is what I would say:

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, it is one of the recent (and probably now passe) phenomenon of how we stay interconnected and up in everyone's business. It is essentially micro-blogging, but it is so popular that we have incorporated it into our lexicon, as in "to tweet." While Roger and I continue to be in disbelief that this is our life and we're living in Arusha, very frequently our days cease to be an EXPERIENCE thus limiting how often the blog gets updated. But if we were to think of our experience in little sound bites, or "tweets"we're better able to convey what life is like here on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, were I to have a Twitter page, these are some of the things I would tweet. Some tweets are further elaborated upon so as to complete the picture:

  • Another beautiful day in Arusha!
  • Damn, another power cut!
  • People drive like maniacs here!
  • $4.50 leg wax and $7.50 pedicure - I love this place!
  • Mt. Meru looks spectacular today
  • Damn, I wish I spoke Swahili better
  • Please Pic n' Pay, have everything I need so I don't have to go to five other stores!
  • Our deepest sympathies to you Humphrey (our day guard) on the sudden loss of your wife
  • Really, $7 for a packet of baby wipes?
  • I wonder if I will bottom out driving over that speed bump
  • Buying bananas again for the third time this week! - Roger consumes bananas at a speed only Formula One drivers could relate to
  • Relaxing at the Blue Heron Cafe aka My Office, trying to resist pancakes/pizza/dessert
  • @Christina (housekeeper/nanny) - you're always one step ahead of me and I love you for that!
  • Millie cracking me up with her giggles
  • Millie charming the pants off another innocent bystander
  • Please ask me to hold my daughter before you take her out of my arms
  • Computer solitaire queen sumpreme!
  • Mmm, another delicious meal at The Bay Leaf
  • Unwinding after dinner with Roger, Amarula and Solitaire
  • Too much gin for Roger on bridge night with Katie & Oliver
  • Enjoying Nick's chicken with Chiara, Andres, Katie & Oliver, can't wait for Ramadan to be over so Khan's reopens! - The most common take-away food here is grilled chicken. Our favorite place is Khan's which is locally referred to as "chicken on the bonnet" because during the day Khan's is an auto-repair shop and "bonnet" is the British word for car hood.
  • @Millie I love it when you mash your face into mine, but please don't grab my hair/nose/earrings/lips!
  • I wonder how ridiculous Christina thinks Katie and I look doing Tae Bo and I wonder what she's telling the rest of the staff
p.s. why is the formatting so screwy on this post??

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  1. wow! i can't believe you can get a leg wax for less than baby wipes cost!