Friday, July 3, 2009

Karibu - Welcome!

Greetings from Tanzania! We hope that through this blog we can update all our friends and family about our burgeoning life in Arusha and how we're settling in, plus share pictures of our adventures here and Millie's growth and development.

The title of the blog refers to the marketing slogan of one of the local beers here called Kilimanjaro. We thought it an appropriate title to the blog because it captures what we hope to be the objective of the blog - a narrative of our time in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, what makes this place unique and the thrills and challenges of our life here (as in today was awesome, let's celebrate with a beer or today was awful, I need a beer!)

It will mostly be Becky writing since she is the one not busy chasing down war criminals. But we will also talk about Roger's work and what it's like to work for the UN. The blog will be a creative exercise for Becky who hopes to tap into her inner writer and photographer (I'm genetically wired to have these traits, we'll see if I can draw them out), so bear with us! We're new to blogging so feel free to add suggestions that might enhance the blogging/reading experience (for example, what the heck are 'labels' and 'tags'). Hope you enjoy!

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